Compton and Edrich Stands
Lord’s Cricket Ground, London

Project Description

This invited competition was for a new spectator stand at Lord’s Cricket Ground to increase capacity and improve facilities. Its prominent position, to either side of the J.P. Morgan Media Centre by Future Systems, between the main pitches and the Nursery Ground, adjacent to Hopkins’ Mound Stand and directly opposite the listed Pavilion meant a careful balance between the need for a larger stand with respect for its surroundings.

Using computational design to test design iterations and sight lines, we developed a proposal that maximises capacity for 12,600 seats with improved views. The upper tier is separated into sections and offset from the Media Centre, allowing views between the grounds and across to the trees of St. John’s Wood Church Gardens. Their curved undersides reflect the form and construction of the Media Centre as well as reducing the apparent mass.

Amenities have been incorporated into the stands, opening up the lower levels to improve circulation and navigation around the site. Fully glazed hospitality boxes and viewing terraces sit between, overlooking the Nursery Ground, not only bringing this side of the stands to life but also allowing the flexibility to host corporate and community events all year round.

Client – Marylebone Cricket Club
Status – Invited competition December 2017
CGIs: Photon Studios
Compton Edrich context image
Compton Edrich 01
Compton Edrich 02
Compton Edrich 03