Queen’s Park Court Infill
Queen’s Park, London

Project Description

One of three infill sites won through Westminster City Council’s procurement framework, this project replaces a council-owned car park and redundant storage on the Queen’s Park Estate with new housing for social rent.

The two linear blocks are a modern interpretation of the existing estate buildings, taking cues from the adjacent Queen’s Park Conservation Area. These include brick details and patterns, as well as moves such as rotating the end-of-terrace houses to avoid presenting a blank gable facade at the edge of the street block, referencing the Victorian cottages of the Conservation Area. New, pedestrianised, landscaped areas have been created in the spaces between the buildings for the use of existing estate residents as well as new, with a careful delineation of private amenity space for residents on the ground floor.

Client – Westminster City Council
Structural Engineer – Stantec
M&E – Stantec
Consultants – Stantec (Planning Consultant)
Status – Pre-construction, planning approval 2020
Number of residential units – 23
Gross internal floor area – 2,226sqm
Sustainability rating – 35% improvement on Building Regulations
Queen’s Park Court context image
Queen’s Park Court 01
Queen’s Park Court 02